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1905: A Milestone Year

Large watchmaking exhibitions had become important events on the world calendar by the end of the century, with internationally reputed juries assessing the watches on display, and awarding prizes. Achille Ditesheim’s young firm, having already won a silver medal in Paris in 1900, was awarded the gold medal for quality, creativity and design at the famed Liege Exposition in Belgium in 1905.

The company also built and moved into a larger, modern factory on the outskirts of La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1905 to accommodate its growing business. An image of an uplifted hand holding an open pocket watch became the company’s trademark, appearing on the inner side of the watch case backs.

That same year, the company adopted the name “Movado”, a word meaning “always in motion” in the international language of Esperanto. This new name proved to be a prophetic choice. Since then, Movado has achieved a legacy of design innovation, earning more than 100 patents and 200 international awards for artistry and innovation in watch design and time technology – and Movado timepieces have won world renown for their unique beauty and timeless design.