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1930's: Digital Watch

The 1930s represented a decade of brilliant creativity during which the early Movado Digital Watch, with an innovative display of both hours and minutes, was introduced. During this decade, the digital indication of time became very popular in mechanical precursors to the century’s later modern digital watches with computer-chip driven liquid crystal or light emitting diode displays.

In Movado’s early digital watches, most designed with simple rectangular silver or gold cases, rotating discs replaced the rotating hands, allowing normal series movements to be employed. On many, there was no watch dial, per se. Instead, the current time was displayed via small, often crescent-shaped apertures in the top of the watch case, through which numerals on the rotating metal discs could be seen. Models with 2 windows revealed the hours and minutes, while others with 3 windows also indicated the seconds. Other designs featured apertures in the dial which was covered and protected by a clear crystal.