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While the early 1940’s saw a focus on the development of wrist chronographs at Movado and throughout the Swiss watch industry, later in that decade, Movado turned its attention to the manufacture of calendar wristwatches of increasing complication.

One of the first breakthroughs of note was the Calendograph. The novelty of its movement was that the calendar mechanism was a self-contained unit with its own plate secured to the basis movement by two screws. The dial displayed the day and month via simple apertures, while a centrally mounted hand indicated the date around the perimeter.

The manually-wound 1947 Celestograf, in the Swiss-French spelling, may be seen as a modification of the Calendograph.

A full calendar wristwatch of beauty and sophistication, the well received Movado Celestograf was offered in 14 karat gold or stainless steel on a top-stitched brown leather strap. In addition to month and day apertures, and central date indication, its elegant dial also featured a small seconds chapter ring at 6 o’clock that decoratively displayed the phases of the moon through a crescent-shaped aperture.

This celebrated vintage design is the inspiration for the new Movado Heritage Series Celestograf for women.

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