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1987: The Movado Artists' Series

The Movado Artists’ Series seemed a natural evolution for a watch company that has prided itself on artistry and innovation in watch design since 1881.

The foundation for the series was laid in 1983 when Movado suggested to American artist Andy Warhol, the father of “Pop Art“, that he use the wristwatch as an art medium. Pictured above, the watch he designed for Movado – “Andy Warhol ‘Times 5’ “, produced posthumously in 1987, became the first issue in a series of commissioned, limited edition timepieces designed by luminaries in 20th century art – in addition to Warhol, kinetic artist Yaacov Agam, painter/sculptor Arman, painter/printmaker James Rosenquist, Swiss artist Max Bill and Brazilian-born Pop-artist Romero Britto.

For each of these designs, a prototype of the exterior was created from the artist’s conceptual drawings. Movado then selected the movement or movements that allowed each unique and expressive design to become a fully-functioning watch. Combining the century-old skills of Swiss watchmaking with the individual artist’s creative vision, these exclusive timepieces stand as highly collectable works of art and watchcraft.

More recently, the Movado Artists’ Series has been expanded to include exciting collaborations on special edition watch designs. Movado worked with graphic painter/artist Kenny Scharf on two series of limited edition watches featuring his playful artwork on the dials, a striking signature strap watch by the fashion design team Proenza Schouler, and special edition Movado BOLD watches with colorful “drip dot” dials by fashion designer Chris Benz.