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Bold Motion

Movado Bold Motion Features & Technology

The BOLD way to stay connected – engineered by HP

With its smartphone app, rechargeable battery and Bluetooth® connectivity, Movado BOLD® Motion can alert you through subtle vibrations and visual cues – known as haptic feedback – to upcoming appointments and incoming emails, texts, social media updates and phone calls. You can even choose to receive call and text notifications only from your favorite contacts. Movado BOLD Motion is also designed to track your steps toward a daily fitness goal – all while maintaining the clean, understated, sophisticated appeal that makes it a Movado. iOS (8+) and Android (4.4+) smartphone compatible, Movado BOLD Motion is ‘always on’ maintaining up to a full-week of smart module battery life on a single charge with light to moderate use. Movado BOLD® Motion, engineered by HP – modern time for your modern world.

Uniting Movado’s modern artistry and design with Hewlett-Packard’s engineering excellence and pioneering vision for wearable technology, Movado BOLD Motion interprets digital connectivity with design-inspired ingenuity. The clean black analog dial is illuminated by a white or teal LED-rimmed signature dot at 12 o’clock with tonally-matched filled hands, and twelve black tone-on-tone hour markers punctuated by matching teal or white LED markers. The dot and markers illuminate in defined sequences to report progress toward your daily steps goal, alert you to incoming calls and messages, and remind you about upcoming appointments. The smart technology features are controlled by a watch button on the left side of the case, enabling you to manage your time and priorities through app-enabled functionality.