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General information about the Movado Motion watch

01. How do I pair my watch with the MMT-365 application?

To pair your watch, launch the application, press the crown on your watch to wake up the Bluetooth® radio, then press the "start" button in the application. Keep your watch close to your phone during the pairing process. You will be prompted to push the crown on your watch one more time to complete the pairing. When complete, you will be prompted to setup your profile.
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02. How do I change my Activity and Sleep Goals?

If you'd like to change your Activity or Sleep Goals, select the plus icon at the bottom left of the screen. From the menu, select Settings, then Goals. Rotate your finger around the display to adjust the activity goal. When finished, select the "sleep" button at the top, then adjust your sleep goal in the same manor.
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03. How do I force my watch to sync with the MMT-365 application?

Launching the MMT-365 application or bringing it to the foreground on your device, accompanied by a press of the crown of the watch will typically initiate a sync with your watch. If your watch doesn't start syncing automatically after a few seconds, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and try moving your watch closer to your phone. If your watch and phone are already a few inches apart, try giving the crown on your watch a press to wake up the Bluetooth radio. If you continue having trouble syncing, force quit MMT-365, then relaunch.
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04. Android: I followed the connection help but still have trouble connecting reliably.

In your Android phone's Bluetooth system settings, unpair any unused Bluetooth devices. On some Android phones, having multiple Bluetooth devices paired may cause Bluetooth connectivity issues. Also delete the companion applications for these unused devices as the applications continue to run in the background all the time and impact the reliability of the Bluetooth connection to your watch.
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05. How do I change the Sleep Cycle Alarm time?

To create or edit an alarm, select the plus icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. From the Menu, choose "sleep cycle alarms". Select "add alarm" to create a new alarm or select an existing alarm from the list to edit. Configure the alarm detail such as time, window and days of the week to repeat. Set the alarm time to the latest time you'd like to wake up. Set the window duration for the window of time prior to your alarm time which the alarm can wake you. The Sleep Cycle Alarm will choose the best time in the window to wake you based on where you are in the light or deep sleep. Use the On/Off button to toggle the alarm on or off, then press the back button to return to the alarm list.
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06. How do I start a sleep recording from the watch?

To start a sleep recording, press and hold the watch crown for about a second, you should hear a beep coming from the watch indicating you are now recording a sleep. Additionally, the small hand points to the moon when you are in sleep mode (and it points to the date when you are in active mode).
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07. How do I stop a sleep recording from the watch?

To stop a sleep recording, press and hold the watch crown just as you do to start a sleep recording. The next time your watch syncs with your phone, you can view your sleep recording details.
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08. Do I need to wear my watch to record my sleep?

Wearing your watch will provide the best accuracy, but you can also place your watch under your pillow. Just be sure to tell MMT-365 which position you prefer from the settings page under "sleep mode placement".
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09. If I forget to start my sleep recording from the watch, but wear it to bed, can I recover my sleep data?

Yes. If you forget to start your sleep recording using the crown button on the watch but wear your watch to bed, go to the sleep details page, then select the "plus moon" icon to recover your sleep data. Note, to recover sleep data, the watch must be worn on your wrist.
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10. What is the 'get active alert'?

Your watch can optionally be configured to alert you with a beep when you've been inactive for too long. If you hear a beep, you've been sitting too long, so get up and take a short walk. You can select the duration of inactivity and from what hours you'd like to be reminded by touching the plus icon at the bottom left corner of your screen and choosing get active alert.
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11. How do I record a timed activity?

To record a timed activity such as a timed walk, jog or run, launch MMT-365, select the "plus" icon at the bottom left, then select "stopwatch". If your watch isn't already connected to the app, you will be prompted to bring your watch within range and to press the crown button on your watch to connect it before you can start the timed activity. Start the timed activity from the application and when finished, stop it from the application. After syncing with MMT-365, you will see a stopwatch icon present on your activity graph. Select the stopwatch icon to view your timed activity details. Note: the crown on your watch can only be used to start and end sleep recordings.
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12. How do I record a powernap?

To record a powernap to catch up on your sleep, launch MMT-365, select the "plus" icon at the bottom left, then select "record a powernap". Choose the duration you'd like to sleep for and the max duration (the latest the alarm will sound after you start the powernap), then press Start. If your watch isn't already connected to the app, you will be prompted to bring your watch within range and to press the crown on your watch to connect it before you can start. When finished, stop the powernap from the application. After syncing with MMT-365, your powernap details will be added as the latest recording on the sleep details page. Note: the crown on your watch can only be used to start and end sleep recordings.
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13. How are calories calculated in MMT-365?

Whether you are sedentary or sleeping, your body burns calories; this is known as BMR (basal metabolic rate) calories. By default, MMT-365 reports calories burned as a combination of your BMR and your activity level. Your height, weight, age, and gender influence these values. If you’d like to view only your active calories on the dynamic coach graph, select the “plus” icon at the bottom left. From the menu, select Settings > General then toggle “bmr calories” off.
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14. How is light vs deep sleep determined?

There is a direct correlation between micro-motions of the body during sleep and sleep cycles. MMT-365's technology is the product of years of development based on the biomechanics of natural human motion and the mechanics of machine motion. Using the medical gold standard of Polysomnography, the sensor-fusion engine analyzes millions of anonymous nights of sleep and validates and continually improves the accuracy and reliability of MMT-365.
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15. How do I review my step count for specific times throughout the day?

From the home page, select "activity". The graph on the activity page provides an overview of your daily activity. To view your progress at a specific time, press and hold on the graph and move your finger left to right. Your steps will display at the top of the screen for specific times throughout the day.
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16. When I update my watch in two years to get the latest module, will all my user data be still available through the MMT-365 app, and then downloaded through the app to the watch?

Yes, a change in module will be completely seamless for the user thanks patented automatic OTA (Over the Air) updates. All of your data will still be available in the application and all configurations will be transparently transferred to the new module.
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17. If I am given another person’s watch and pair my own phone with the watch,
will I see the other person’s data? How would this work since the watch is already registered to someone else?

In this case, use the “reset watch” command. The watch can simply be erased when given from one person to another, and there are two ways to do this: from the MMT-365 smartphone application or from on the watch itself. Reset the watch within the MMT-365 App under the options found in the App’s Settings > General > Reset. Erasing the watch can also be done by pressing the watch’s crown button 10 times and holding on the 10th button press until you see the watch hands move.
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18. In the case where a phone and a watch have overlapping data, which device is prioritized to overwrite existing data — the app on the phone, or the watch?

Manufacture Modules Technologies Sàri supports patented advanced multi-watch synchronization methodology. All data from multiple watches is seamlessly intelligently merged. Meaning if you wear a given watch in the morning and then another one in the afternoon, the MMT-365 application seamlessly merges your data into your single timeline. In the case of conflicting data, where watch A shows different data for the exact same time period as watch B, then the watch priority ranking, set in the MMT-365 app, is used to decide which data prevails.
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19. What type of security and privacy protection is employed?

The complete MMT-365 end-to-end solution uses the best practices in terms of securit. Here is a link to our privacy policy:
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20. How is a user’s stride length calculated — is it simply a metric based on height?

The MMT-365 system determines distance travelled in real-time using patented algorithms based on detailed accelerometrics, and analysis of the user’s actual gait in consideration of the user’s biometric profile (height, weight, age, gender, etc.). These algorithms are continuously optimized using machine learning with MMT SwissConnect team of scientists. Unlike most systems, distance traveled is not just a simple multiplication of a fixed stride length times a number of steps — that is what most other solutions do and it is very inaccurate.
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21. How accurate is sleep measurement in MMT-365?

The sleep algorithms used in MMT-365 have 95% accuracy when benchmarked with state-of-the-art medical-grade polysomnography sleep laboratories, which are the gold standard in sleep monitoring.

For reference, here is an article just published in Fortune magazine about the sleep technology we use:
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22. Can MMT-365 monitor sleep if the watch is not snug on the wrist?

Yes, MMT-365 is designed to accurately monitor the user’s sleep and activity with a loosefitting band. This is a key aspect of comfort and usability: the straps may be worn loosely.
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23. Is MMT-365 available worldwide and localized on iOS and Android?

The MMT-365 application is available worldwide on iOS through the Apple App Store and on Android through the Google Play Store. The application is currently localized in: English, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese. The application detects the phone’s system language setting and selects the localized language automatically.
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24. What do I do if my watch needs service or repair?

If your Movado smartwatch powered by MMT-365 technology isn’t working properly, please contact the appropriate repair center for your region:

109 State Street
Moonachie, New Jersey 07074

Europe and Middle East:
Call +800.0066.4700
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