Museum Inspired Story: The Evolution of a Modern Icon

The Movado Museum Watch traces its roots to the beginnings of the modern design movement and the group of international artists who founded the Bauhaus School in 1919. “Simplicity, tastefulness, function” was their dictum. One of its purest expressions was the black watch dial defined by a single gold dot, designed by American artist Nathan George Horwitt in 1947.

“We do not know time as a number sequence,” Horwitt said, "but by the position of the sun as the earth rotates". Hence a solitary gold dot at 12 o’clock symbolizing the sun at high noon; the moving hands suggesting the movement of the earth.

When Horwitt’s dial, acclaimed for purity of design unrivaled in the history of time-keeping, was selected for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1960, it became the first watch dial ever awarded this distinction. The name “Museum Watch” derives from this recognition.

That same year, Movado reached an agreement with Horwitt to manufacture and sell timepieces with his dial, registering the design as a trademark in 1962. Since then, the legendary single dot dial, and new explorations and evolutions of it, have continued to distinguish a wide array of Movado timepieces.

The 1986 Movado Sapphire offered a futuristic interpretation of the Museum Watch, with a flat sapphire crystal flowing to the edge of its bezel-free case, creating a smooth seamless surface unique to the Sapphire collection. Today’s women’s models are available with diamonds, men’s with subtle, yet striking dial details, adding depth and drama to the minimalist design.

In 2010, Movado BOLD was introduced as time with a new modern attitude, energized by color. The legendary Museum Dial was reinterpreted with a bold sunray dot and stick hands in bright high-intensity hues. Setting the trend with unconventional styles, Movado BOLD ushered the single dot dial into the forefront of fashion.

In 2015, the Museum Dial was interpreted in a new, visually tactile form, amplifying its stark beauty and creating a daring new experience of time. Movado Edge, designed in collaboration with Yves Béhar, infused the modern icon with striking new shape and texture.

A brand in motion, Movado continues to push the boundaries of modern design. It celebrates the history of the single dot dial, while reinterpreting it in dynamic new ways. These revolutionary expressions add a level of sophistication and innovation to the simple, yet powerful design.