Features & Technology

Movado Motion Features & Technology

Marrying iconic Movado design with smart technology, Movado Motion timepieces infuse Swiss made elegance into the wearable technology category. Their clean analog dials feature a date indicator subdial that also tracks your progress toward daily activity and sleep goals when the watch is connected to a compatible Android (4.4.3+) or iOS (8+) smart phone or tablet. On your wrist, a Movado Motion timepiece looks like, and is, a fine Swiss watch of simple, modern design, not a bulky, busy digital device or mini-computer. Yet it is also equipped for modern living with widely used patented MMT smartwatch technology, designed to track your daily steps and sleep patterns, and deliver “get active” alerts. The smart technology module battery has a two-year life and never needs recharging – an unusual and welcome feature.

Movado Motion smartwatches are easy to set-up and sync with your paired smart phone or tablet. They link via Bluetooth® – simply launch the MMT-365 app and press the watch crown button to connect. The watch crown button is also used to check your goal progress and switch between steps and sleep tracking modes. Your Movado Motion will sync automatically to the local time and date when the watch and smart device are connected. Your data will also sync with the app once it has connected, and will sync automatically every minute whenever the app is open and your watch and device are connected. Once a sync is complete, you can immediately review your progress in the app on your smart device. Simple, easy-to-understand app graphics highlight how much you have moved and slept during the day, week or month. Goals (steps, distance, calories burned, hours of sleep) and dynamic coaching tips help foster better self-understanding and well-being.