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1950: Calendoplan

An early stage in the refinement of Movado’s clean, modern design aesthetic dates to the 1950s and the introduction of the Calendoplan. Until that time, progressively complex design and function drove the watch industry. Clever case construction, ornate dials and sophisticated movements were highly valued. Extravagant jewelry-style watches were marketed to women, while men saw finely decorated pocket watches, complicated chronographs and calendar wristwatches, and the birth of the digital watch. Nobody expected a thinner, more streamlined watch to enter the scene, and yet, that’s exactly what Movado created.

The Calendoplan took a deliberate step back from popular trend, marking the start of a thin watch evolution. Its clean 3-hand dial featured a simple date window, and its case was remarkably sleek and slender, housing a series of increasingly thin manual and self-winding movements. Well received, the Calendoplan paved the way for the development of other simple designs, including the Calendoplan Automatic or Movascope with its date lens magnifier. Today, these models are among the most collectable and nostalgic watches ever produced by Movado.